Women, Spirituality, and Cancer

Spiritual Care Survey for Religious and/or Spiritual Women with Cancer
     Some women who have a zest for life struggle to make decisions about whether and when they should seek conventional medical treatment (by conventional we mean surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation) for cancer because their religion prohibits receiving conventional medical treatment or views conventional medical treatment as a lack of faith in God.  Some of these women do not have access to skilled pastoral/spiritual caregivers who can help them resolve the dilemmas between religious adherence and conventional medical treatment.  The purpose of this survey is to ask women who have had cancer or who presently have cancer, what their religious and/or spiritual conversations with their first "diagnoser" (significant other, doctor, nurse, friend, self, etc.) were, or have been like.  We hope the data from this survey will help create more appropriate spiritual and pastoral support for those who need it.
     This survey should take no more than 12 minutes to complete.  This survey is anonymous, however if you are willing to be contacted for an interview, you will have the opportunity to add your identifying information and contact information at the end of this survey.  
     This research project is co-sponsored by CaringBridge 
https://www.caringbridge.org/about-us/ and is being conducted by Pamela Ayo Yetunde, J.D., Th.D., Asst. Professor for Pastoral Care and Counseling at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, and her research assistants, Lucia Kalinosky and Kelly Casey, chaplaincy students at United.  The survey will close on April 30, 2020.  Dr. Yetunde can be reached at [email protected] and 651-255-6133.  Lucia can be reached at [email protected] and Kelly can be reached at [email protected]

We know these questions can be difficult and perhaps even personally challenging, but please know we will hold your answers in confidence and that we truly appreciate your efforts to help the pastoral/spiritual care and counseling field learn more about the experiences of women like you.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Please start with the survey now by clicking on the Continue button below.
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